Coming Soon in Nigeria Cinemas

  • The Commuter

    SYNOPSIS: A businessman is caught up in a criminal conspiracy during his daily commute home. CASTS:  Liam Neeson, Vera Farmiga, Sam Neil GENRE: Crime, drama, Mystery RUNNING TIME: 1HR 44MINS RELEASE DATE: 12TH JAN, 2018


    Synopsis: Set at the dawn of time, when prehistoric creatures and woolly mammoths roamed the earth, Early Man tells the story of Dug, along with sidekick Hognob as they unite his tribe against a mighty enemy Lord Nooth and his Bronze Age City to save their home. Casts: Tom Hiddleston, Eddie Redmayne, Maisie…

  • 12 STRONG

    Synopsis: 12 Strong tells the story of the first Special Forces team deployed to Afghanistan after 9/11; under the leadership of a new captain, the team must work with an Afghan warlord to take down the Taliban. Casts:  Chris Hemsworth, Michael Shannon, William Fichtner Genre: Action, Drama, History Release date: 2nd feb, 2018

  • Royal Hibiscus Hotel

    Synopsis: In this spritely Nollywood romantic comedy, an aspiring restaurateur returns to her home in Lagos to try and refine the fare at her family’s little hotel, only to find that her parents are planning on selling out to a rich (and devilishly attractive) buyer. Casts: Zainab Balogun, OC Ukeje, Kenneth…

  • Maze Runner: The Death Cure

    Synopsis: Young hero Thomas embarks on a mission to find a cure for a deadly disease known as the "Flare". Casts:  Rosa Salazar, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Dylan O'Brien genre: Action, sci-fi, Thriller Release date: 26th Jan, 2018

  • Den of Thieves

    Synopsis: A gritty crime saga which follows the lives of an elite unit of the LA County Sheriff's Dept. and the state's most successful bank robbery crew as the outlaws plan a seemingly impossible heist on the Federal Reserve Bank. casts:  Gerard Butler, Jordan Bridges, Pablo Schreiber genre: Action , Crime, Drama Release…

  • Padmavati

    SYNOPSIS: Set in medieval Rajasthan, Queen Padmavati is married to a noble king and they live in a prosperous fortress with their subjects until an ambitious Sultan hears of Padmavati's beauty and forms an obsessive love for the Queen of Mewar. CASTS:  Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh, Shahid Kapoor GENRE :  Drama, History, Romance RUNNING TIME: 2HRS…

  • Tiger Zinda Hai

    SYNOPSIS: Indian agent Tiger and Pakistani agent Zoya join forces in the name of humanity, against the militant messiah Abu Usman. Tiger Zinda Hai is an espionage action drama that follows a daring rescue mission in Iraq. CASTS:  Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, Anupriya Goenka RUNNING TIME: 2HR 25MINS GENRE: Action, Adventure, Thriller RELEASE DATE: 22ND DEC,…

  • Fifty Shades Freed

    Synopsis: The third installment of the 'Fifty Shades of Grey' trilogy. Casts:  Rita Ora, Jamie Dornan, Dakota Johnson Genre: Drama, Romance, Thriller Release date: 9th Feb, 2018

  • White Boy Rick

    Synopsis: The story of teenager Richard Wershe Jr., who became an undercover informant for the FBI during the 1980s and was ultimately arrested for drug-trafficking and sentenced to life in prison. Casts:  Jennifer Jason Leigh, Matthew McConaughey, Eddie Marsan Genre: Crime , Drama Release date: 2nd Feb, 2018

  • Cloverfield Movie

    Synopsis: After a scientific experiment aboard the space station involving a particle accelerator has unexpected results, the astronauts find themselves isolated. Following their horrible discovery, the space station crew must fight for survival. Casts:  Elizabeth Debicki, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Daniel Brühl Genre:  Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi Release date: 2nd Feb, 2018

  • Darkest Hour

    Synopsis: During the early days of World War II, the fate of Western Europe hangs on the newly-appointed British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, who must decide whether to negotiate with Hitler, or fight on against incredible odds. Casts:  Gary Oldman, Lily James, Kristin Scott Thomas Running time: 2hrs 4mins Genre: Biography, Drama, History…

  • The 15:17 to Paris

    Synopsis: American soldiers discover a terrorist plot on a Paris-bound train. Casts:  Jenna Fischer, Judy Greer, Jaleel White Genre: Drama Release date: 9th Feb. 2018  

  • Extinction

    Synopsis: A father has a recurring dream of losing his family. His nightmare turns into reality when the planet is invaded by a force bent on destruction. Fighting for their lives, he comes to realize an unknown strength to keep them safe from harm. Casts:  Lizzy Caplan, Emma Booth, Michael Peña Genre: Sci-Fi, Thriller Release…

  • Insidious: The Last Key

    SYNOPSIS: Parapsychologist Dr. Elise Rainier faces her most fearsome and personal haunting yet - in her own family home. CASTS:  Lin Shaye, Javier Botet, Josh Stewart GENRE:  Horror, Mystery, Thriller RELEASE DATE: 5TH JAN, 2018 RUNNING TIME: TBA


    SYNOPSIS: A social satire in which a guy realizes he would have a better life if he were to shrink himself.  CASTS: Matt Damon, Christoph Waltz, Hong Chau  RELEASE DATE: 12TH JAN, 2018 GENRE: COMEDY, DRAMA, SCI-FI RUNNING TIME: 2HRS 15MINS


    SYNOPSIS: Taraji P. Henson is Mary, a hitwoman working for an organized crime family in Boston. Mary's life is completely turned around when she meets a young boy whose path she crosses when a professional hit goes awry. CAST:  Taraji P. Henson, Neal McDonough, Danny Glover RELEASE DATE: 19TH JAN, 2018 GENRE: ACTION…

  • The Mountain Between Us

    SYNOPSIS: Stranded after a tragic plane crash, two strangers must forge a connection to survive the extreme elements of a remote snow-covered mountain. When they realize help is not coming, they embark on a perilous journey across the wilderness.  CASTS:  Idris Elba, Kate Winslet, Beau Bridges RUNNING TIME: 1HR 52MINS RELEASE DATE: 19…

  • Maze Runner: The Death Cure

    SYNOPSIS: Young hero Thomas embarks on a mission to find a cure for a deadly disease known as the "Flare". CASTS:  Kaya Scodelario, Dylan O'Brien, Walton Goggins | GENRE: Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller RELEASE DATE: 26 jAN, 2018


    SYNOPSIS: A couple's relationship is tested when uninvited guests arrive at their home, disrupting their tranquil existence. CASTS:  Jennifer Lawrence, Javier Bardem, Ed Harris RELEASE DATE: 3rd Nov, 2017 GENRE: Drama, Horror , Mystery RUNNING TIME: 2hrs 1mins


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