Ayaama is a story of love, treachery, lust and revenge all entwined in the beauty of music & dance, set in the beautiful Akwa Ibom state, Ayaama tells a story of a dangerous love triangle between a beautiful maiden Ihuoma (Adesua Etomi), the handsome prince and heir to the throne Prince Daraima (Wole Ojo), and his betrothed bride, envious Princess Ama (Theresa Edem). All this is played out under the watchful gaze of his younger brother Ekong (Majid Michel) who harbours his own dark secret. Set in the lush, green fertile land of Akwa Ibom state, Ayamma is a sweeping epic that transports us into a magical world of music, dance and drama.

Stars: Majid Michel, WAle Ojo,Adesua Etomi, Theresa Edem.

Run Time | 2

Friday: 1:30PM,3:50PM,8:50PM
Saturday: 1:30PM,7:10PM
Sunday: 1:30PM,7:10PM

Monday: 1:30PM,7:20PM
Tuesday:  1:20AM,7:10PM
Wednesday: 1:20AM,7:10PM
Thursday: 1:20AM,7:10PM

Friday:  1:30PM, 4:50pm,7:55PM
Saturday:  1:30PM, 4:50pm,7:55PM
Sunday:  1:30PM, 4:50pm,7:55PM
Monday: 1:30PM, 4:50pm,7:55PM
Tuesday:  1:30PM, 4:50pm,7:55PM
Wednesday:  1:30PM, 4:50pm,7:55PM
Thursday:  1:30PM, 4:50pm,7:55PM

Friday:  2:20PM
Saturday:  2:20PM
Sunday: 2:20PM
Monday: 2:20PM
Tuesday 2:20PM
Wednesday: 2:20PM
Thursday: 2:20PM

Friday: 1:00PM, 5:50PM
Saturday: 1:00PM, 5:50PM
Sunday: 1:00PM, 5:50PM
Monday: 1:00PM, 5:50PM
Tuesday: 1:00PM, 5:50PM
Wednesday: 1:00PM, 5:50PM
Thursday: 1:00PM, 5:50PM

Friday: 12:50PM
Saturday: 12:50PM
Sunday: 12:50PM
Monday: 12:50PM
Tuesday: 12:50PM
Wednesday: 12:50PM
Thursday: 12:50PM


Friday: 4:05PM
Saturday: 4:05PM
Sunday: 4:05PM
Monday: 4:05PM
Tuesday 4:05PM
Wednesday: 4:05PM
Thursday: 4:05PM

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