The movie is all about exploring love as an interesting Journey that only the brave can withstand.

Stars: Felicity Jones, Mads Mikkelsen, Ben Mendelsohn

Run Time | 1h 20min


Friday: 5:05PM
Saturday:  5:05PM
Sunday: 5:05PM
Monday:  5:05PM
Tuesday: 11:45PM,5:25PM
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Thursday: 11:45PM,5:25PM


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Thursday: 11:10AM, 6:55PM, 8:10PM


Friday: 3:00PM
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Friday: 12:10PM, 6:05PM
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Sunday: 12:10PM, 6:05PM
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Tuesday: 12:10PM, 6:05PM
Wednesday: 12:10PM, 6:05PM
Thursday: 12:10PM, 6:05PM

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