The name bridge of no return is a very popular place in the Southern Nigeria. In the early 18 century, A young princess Eme (Ruth kadiri) left her father, king Nyong Essien of Uruan kingdom (Zack Orji) to go out in search of her lover Esu who was kidnapped and sold into slavery by her suitor, a prince of Greek town(: Moses Armstrong ) this led to the 18 century war between Greek and Uruan kingdom. Esu was taken to the bridge of no return, he was about been shipped with others slaves to Europe. Africa's vast population meant nothing in a sweeping rage of slavery... At the bridge no single soul returned, except one.

RELEASE DATE: 17th November 2017
GENRE: Drama
DURATION: 1hr 50 minutes (110 minutes)
CAST: Zack Orji, Ruth Kadiri, Moses Armstrong, Queenlois Akpabio.

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