A more in-depth look at the marriage institution and the intricacies of a non-typical kind of marriage through the eyes of two families.
Kobi and Sharon  are getting up from a previous rough patch, the family is happy to be at peace again despite the financial problems of Hills oil and gas due to the change in government. Sharon becomes the breadwinner.
Kobi's dad marries a new wife, Lami a 30 yr old lady. A marriage the ex-wife is determined to end, using his political enemies and past shaddy business as tools.
When Kobi and Sharon discovered that their  children are dealing with big personal issues  (KJ drug addiction and their daughter facing the surreal that she might be a homosexual). They know that there is no better time to be a family than now no matter what it takes.

CAST :Rita Dominic, Chidi Mokeme , Akin Lewis

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