SYNOPSIS: Pathetic" is a thrilling and insightful marital/societal story intricately woven on the life of a famous celebrity lady - her pains and travails in having the desired picture-perfect life of the ordinary human. Rita Shonibare, a renowned TV star, is caught in a web of confusion as she makes a compromise on her budding…
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Basira In London

Synopsis: Basira in London is a comedy about an African woman who travels to London on holiday. Upon meeting with her friends, she decides she wants to stay and gain employment. However, she is shocked at the type of job they find for her and her attempts at getting a British passport and trying to…
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Synopsis: The money strapped manager of a money laundering petrol station decides to rob the petrol station that employs him but along his journey finds out that there are many different kinds of criminal and that a good reason isn’t always a right one. RUNNING TIME:  110MINS GENRE: COMEDY SEE OUR MOVIES SHOWING TIMES AT…
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SYNOPSIS: “Nollywood stars, Stan Nze and Yvonne Jegede star in this Romantic Drama about Max, a greedy and ambitious young man who abandones his sweetheart in search of wealth and position but events catapult everyone involved to a cataclysmic climax”. CAST: Stan Nze, Yvonne Jegede, Pascaline Alex, Jude Nkadi PRODUCER: Felix Nyemike Nkadi DIRECTOR: Obi…
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Synopsis ZAHRA (15), a young girl in the North of Nigeria, dreams of career success and happiness in marriage. when terrorists attack her village, she ends up in an IDP camp where she hopes to find succour and a comfortable space to grieve the loss of her kin and dreams. Running time: 85mins  Genre: Drama SEE OUR MOVIES…
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SYNOPSIS: In the near future, an aging Wolverine and Professor X must protect a young female clone of Wolverine from an evil organization led by Nathanial Essex. CASTS: Hugh Jackman, Boyd Holbrook, Patrick Stewart GENRE: ACTION, DRAMA, SCI-FI RELEASE DATE: 3RD MAR.2017 SEE OUR MOVIES SHOWING TIMES AT OUR DIFFERENT LOCATIONS GALLERIA. IKEJA CITY MALL, IKEJA.…
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Deep Fever

Synposis A young couple invite their friends into their home but what is intended to be a happy reunion turns out to be a treat to the very foundation of their relationship. Rating: 18+ Running Time:  90 minutes. SEE OUR MOVIES SHOWING TIMES AT OUR DIFFERENT LOCATIONS GALLERIA. IKEJA CITY MALL, IKEJA. FESTIVAL MALL, FESTAC. SEC ABUJA.…
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