Remember ‘The Incredibles’, the extraordinary animation movie that showed depicted great values in work, family and passion of ambition in an amazing way? Well, the sequel to that awesome work is here and it is getting a buzz as critics try to tear at it. When it comes to sequels, they are hardly treated individually without comparing it to the preceding or original work, and ‘Incredibles 2’ has been far from spared.
The movie begins with the superhero family saving the day by stopping a group of villains who try to rob Metroville Bank but not without some damages. This did not go unnoticed by the authorities and causes a shut-down of the Super Relocation Program and superheroes again have to retire to their secret identity.

Some time after, a telecommunication tycoon, (Bob Odenkirk) as Winston Deavor decides to revoke the Super Relocation Program. He picks (Holly Hunter) as Helen Parr (Elastigirl), the least destructive superhero to join him in his plan. This leaves (Craig T. Nelson) as Bob, Mr. Incredible, to house-keeping and parenting duties. We can’t ignore the purposeful pro-feminist character given to Helen and Bob’s clumsiness as nurturer. He is left to manage the kids, (Eli Fucile) as Jack-Jack parr, (Sarah Vowell) as Violet Parr, and (Huck Milner) as Dash Parr especially Jack-Jack, whose superpowers are just beginning to manifest and they are so much that a whole new movie can be created off him alone.
A few things that make this a must watch is the animation quality which was exquisite and the humor quality. So, you will sure get a god laugh throughout this movie.

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