We promised to bring to you all you need to know about the Mission Impossible series and here it is, the first of the series.

The Mission Impossible movie was born based on a television series with the same name but brought more to it aside the occasional self-destruct messages and no longer focused on Jim Phelps (Jon Voight) but his protege Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise).

The movie starts with Jim getting a mission to recover vital stolen information (NOC list that revealed the identity of all IMF agents).
Unknown to the Jim’s team, this was a faux mission to discover the mole in the IMF. Things take a sudden turn as all the team members are killed except Ethan which leads Kettridge, the head of the agency, to believe that Ethan was the mole.

Now to clear his name and find the real mole, Ethan has to work with the other side, an arms dealer called Max. He performs the impossible mission of stealing the NOC list by breaking into the CIA most impenetrable vault with the help of a new recruited hacker, Luther (VIng Rhames). He then discovers his mentor, Jim is still alive and also the mole. He helps the CIA discover this and get a hold of a most wanted criminal, Max, making it a filled day for everyone.

The stunts add a stunning feature to this movie, like having a bomb detonate not so far from him and many more. Another thrilling addition to the movie was the use of a mask made expertly to have the exact features of who he planned to impersonate. He used this trick twice in this episode.

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