An American journalist travels to India to cover Bollywood weddings, only to uncover a mosaic of cultural clashes, transgender tangles and lost loves with her travels culminating at a destination where the only journey is the one within.

Namrata Singh Gujral’s 5 Weddings finds a clever way to blend rituals with observational comedy. The movie stars Rajkummar Rao as Harbhajan, a Chandigarh police inspector saddled with the responsibility of keeping the visiting American journalist Shania (Nargis Fakhri) in check. Shania is half-Indian and half-American, and has been assigned by her fashion website to do a story on Indian wedding ceremonies. Shania, however, has another reason for being in India. Her American mother had asked her to find her estranged father.

Shania’s alienation from local practices produces its share of gags, and the cultural clash comedy is the highlight of the movie. Starring in this movie are Bo Derek, Diljott, Analisse Van Der Pol and Suvinder Vicky. 5 Weddings is a 2018 Indian film set in the United States and India. Directed by Namrata Singh Gujral.

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