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As Scott Lang balances being both a Super Hero and a father, Hope van Dyne and Dr. Hank Pym present an urgent new mission that finds the Ant-Man fighting alongside The Wasp to uncover secrets from their past.


Jabi Lake Mall, Abuja

FRI-SUN, MON-THUR: 12:10PM, 5:00PM

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  • Jabi Lake Mall, Abuja

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  1. Jesuseun July 3, 2018

    How much is it

    1. richman July 3, 2018

      Jesuseun for more visit https://silverbirdcinemas.com/promos/ (prices & promos)

      1. Kiva July 6, 2018

        How much to see a movie in 3D pls

        1. richman July 7, 2018

          Kiva, ikeja and galleria is 3000, while SEC Abuja is 3000 and 3500(VIP)

  2. El-amin Suleiman July 4, 2018

    Pls how much is the movie

    1. richman July 4, 2018

      El-amin Suieiman for more visit https://silverbirdcinemas.com/promos/ for (prices & promos)

  3. Chidiebere July 5, 2018

    Please what time is the advanced screening at festival mall?

    1. richman July 5, 2018

      Chidiebere there won't be an Advanced screening for "Ant-Man and the Wasp" at festival mall, we sincerely apologize for this. However, It will start showing at festival mall from Friday 6th July. Please visit https://silverbirdcinemas.com/cinema/festac/ (festival mall) later today for showtime.

  4. Mr. Sayem July 6, 2018

    How much is the ticket price of Ant man -3D ? is the room Air conditioned well ?

    1. richman July 6, 2018

      Mr Sayem, for more visit https://silverbirdcinemas.com/promos/ (prices and Promos)

  5. Kiva July 6, 2018

    How much is to watch a movie in 3D, it's not stated on the price and promo site.

  6. Linda July 9, 2018

    Please is this the full movie and how much is it in Festac silverbird?

    1. richman July 9, 2018

      Linda, visit https://silverbirdcinemas.com/promos/ (prices and promos).

  7. B.O.G July 9, 2018

    Pls, is this still a blockbuster movie?

    1. richman July 9, 2018

      Yes, it is.

  8. Chisom July 10, 2018

    Is ant man and the wasp a special movie? Is it normal price or it's going to be higher. I've checked the prices and promos they said exception of special movies.

    1. richman July 10, 2018

      Chisom yes, it is.

      1. Cow July 17, 2018

        So being a special movie, how much would it cost for today?

  9. Paul July 11, 2018

    How much is it in Ghana

    1. Jay July 27, 2018

      40 cedis

  10. Miss T July 14, 2018

    Hi, can I get tickets online

  11. Sean July 15, 2018

    What is the movie of the week

  12. Damola July 17, 2018

    If I want to watch a movie at silverbird cinema, how much do they charge and is there an offset for students?

  13. Ebraheem July 19, 2018

    How much will Ant man and the Wasp cost in the first week of August at Sec Abuja or Jabi lake mall on a Thursday?

  14. Son Ming July 21, 2018

    Great movie

  15. Maryam July 22, 2018

    How much is it

    1. richman July 22, 2018

      Maryam, please visit https://silverbirdcinemas.com/promos/ (prices and promos). Thank you

  16. Bene July 24, 2018

    Pls i want to find out kiddies movies showing at festical mall

    1. richman July 24, 2018

      Bene, "Incredibles 2" and "Hotel transylvania 3" are showing right now. "Teen Titan Go!" will also start showing from friday 27th July. Thank you

  17. Micheal July 31, 2018

    can't wait to watch

  18. Adeola Owosho August 3, 2018

    What time is it showing today please? Y'all are yet to update the showtimes

    1. richman August 3, 2018

      Adeola Owosho, please visit http://www.silverbirdcinemas.com, then goto Nowshowing at the top nav bar, choose a location, then view the movie showtime. The website is updated Thank you

  19. Alistair August 20, 2018

    Is Ant Man still on at Accra Mall?

    1. richman August 20, 2018

      Alistair, No.

  20. Elena August 23, 2018

    How much per person

    1. richman August 23, 2018

      Elena, kindly visit https://silverbirdcinemas.com/promos/ (prices and promos). Thank you.