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Mabel and Femi are a married couple. Happy, content and larger than life, despite their seeming childlessness. Femi proposes a road trip, a tease of a second honeymoon to the delight of Mabel. On the trip, at the heart of a forest, their car broke down which sees them lost and stranded.
Meanwhile, not too far away, a dreaded mercenary abetted by Political big guns hunts for a missing diamond. He soon learns that the diamond was stolen by a certain couple on the run. The hunt leads him to a village, same village where Femi and Mabel seek help following their ordeal.
Chaos ensues when the deadly assassins and his band of gun-wielding goons attack the village and mistake Femi and Mabel as the fleeing couple who stole the diamond.




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FRI-SUN: 7:20pm
MON-THUR: 7:20pm

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  • Ikeja City Mall, Ikeja

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