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In Man’s desperation to understand God, he has created an image in his mind of who God is and who He is not.

But the truth is, who God really is cannot be fully understood.. It can only be revealed. And very often than not, to get a grasp of that revelation, God Himself must take you on a journey!

When Amana Essel married to Daniel Kojo Essel is diagnosed with what seems like a terminal condition she realises it is the begining of a journey she must embark on. A journey that shakes the very core of her faith and challenges everything she has ever believed in. In the end and in the lives of everyone around her, she finally sees God!!




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  • Silverbird Cinemas, West Hills, Ghana

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  1. Desmond Osei April 17, 2022

    Hello, please how can I get a ticket for this movie?

  2. Dolla May 5, 2022

    Good morning please how can i get the tickets ­čÄź

  3. Dollar May 5, 2022

    Please how can i buy the tickets to watch

    1. lanre May 5, 2022

      Kindly visit https://silverbirdcinemas.com and Book your Ticket

  4. Rose Apam May 23, 2022

    V good movie. Definitely worth seeing