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A psychopathic couple combines money, technology and creativity on a mission to avenge their brutally murdered loved who they believed had been murdered by a group of “social media freaks” 2 years ago.

On the same date at same location, a holidaying group get caught up in a well planned deathtrap with a more complex puzzle to solve. All alone at a deserted water fall that is supposed to be patronized by so many people on a holiday like this one, the crime committed 2 years ago was being revisited; no eye witnesses, no suspects. They could be innocent victims in the wrong place at the wrong time, they could be the actual CULPRITS!

Either way they must find a way to survive a silly, scary slasher and his more dangerous post-traumatic paralyzed wife who runs the operation from the comfort of a wheelchair at home!

Although they run, even more surprises outrun them. It only gets worse! Driven by determination to GO HOME, they persist, but there’s a message they can’t ignore!




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