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In 2019, the Kotoka Ghana International airport served a record 3.019 million passengers. Recognised as the best Airport in Africa by Airports Council International, and consisting of 2 terminals and more than 23 airline services with destinations across the rest of Africa,
Europe, Asia, America and the Middle East, Ghana is touted as one of the busiest traffic hubs in the West African sub region. It unarguably opens up Ghana to the rest of the World and with that comes the potentials of tourism and of course business and trade. And so on a windy Friday night in November, 2 passengers headed for Europe are making their way to the airport for what could be 2 life defining business trips.
Ruby Benson , 34, a Single mother of a 6 year Old on a business class ticket on flight Atlantica, seat number 2B is
headed for the United Kingdom. Primed as a high-class business Woman, her regular trips involve the trade of local Ghanaian foodstuffs well processed, branded and packaged to a network of select African restaurants in the UK.
Naya Essel, 28, an unemployed graduate and budding dress maker is on her first trip out of Ghana. Booked on the same flight but on an economy class ticket, she is also headed for the UK on a visiting Visa supposedly to attend a one week intensive bridal dress making workshop. These 2 women are distanced by life, separated by class but
yet connected by one choice they both made. A choice that ultimately defines their destiny and that of many others.
A choice that will either keep them alive or leave them dead and buried. However, it all depends on if they can cross the boarding gate!




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