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When the Senate President was assassinated by some unknown gunmen at a party in his honor Raymond became the target because he had incriminating footage that could nail them. Raymond is framed, and soon the police is also after him. Raymond is on his heels running from the assailants and the police. Will Raymond be able to prove his innocence or will he go down for a sin not committed? Saving Raymond is a story of love, emotion, and double cross beyond bounds.




*NB: Showtime is subject to change



Silverbird Banex Mall, Lekki

FRI-SUN: 10:30am
MON-THUR: 10:30am

Silverbird Cinemas, SEC Abuja

FRI-SUN: 5:00pm, 8:10pm
MON-THUR: 5:00pm, 8:10pm

Jabi Lake Mall, Abuja

FRI-SUN: 1:05pm, 5:15pm
MON-THUR: 1:05pm, 5:15pm


FRI-SUN: 2:30pm
MON-THUR: 2:30pm

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  • Ibom Tropicana Ent. Centre, Uyo
  • Jabi Lake Mall, Abuja
  • Silverbird Entertainment Center, Abuja
  • Silverbird Banex Mall, Lekki

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