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The girls are back! And their lives haven’t lost one spark of the drama they had 10 years ago. In fact, these girls are saddled with more issues in their not-so-fairy-tale relationships. It’s a rollercoaster ride of imperfect husbands, repentant ex-boyfriends, and daring romantic exploits.

A movie about growing up and everything in between




*NB: Showtimes change every Friday



FRI-SUN: 1:00PM, 4:00PM, 9:00PM
MON-THUR: 1:00PM, 4:00PM, 9:00PM


FRI: 5:00PM, 7:50PM, 10:20PM
SAT: 5:00PM, 8:30PM, 10:10PM
SUN: 5:00PM, 7:50PM
MON-THUR: 4:20PM, 9:30PM

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  • Silverbird Cinemas, West Hills, Ghana
  • Silverbird Cinemas, Accra Mall, Ghana

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  1. Jeff December 19, 2019

    What date is the movie 'The Perfect Picture ' premier ending? When does the ticket expire?

  2. Elorm December 24, 2019

    How much is for the perfect picture movie?

  3. Emmanuel Adanu December 28, 2019

    How much is the price for perfect picture movie?

  4. Mimi December 30, 2019

    When is it showing in Nigeria?

  5. Eric January 12, 2020

    How much is the ticket for perfect picture at Accra mall?

  6. Druscilla January 20, 2020

    Please how much is the ticket and when will you stop showing the movie at your cinema?