• Silverspoon

      Synopsis: A bright hardworking and serious minded girl of 24years placed in a succession plan by her parents to run the family own company,comes across a man who mistook her for a mere pretty face.This young man a disgruntled job seeker finally got a job in her company and discovers the job was not what he expected. Runtime: :1hr49mins Continue Reading


    SYNOPSIS: LAMIDE a jobless high class sociable lady mounts pressures on her Fiancé RAYMOND a civil servant with a meager salary to get married to her immediately or face her wrath. Raymond loves her so much and begs for more time as he complains his resources will not be enough to fund the high class wedding of her dreams. CAST: Continue Reading

  • Amara

    Synopsis: It’s a story of a 42 year old Nigerian man  (based in Europe). He decides to return to Nigeria in search of a wife, after a failed marriage to an European woman. He gets entangled in different  scenarios of : Two Nigerian female bankers( one who wants to have him at all cost), the other  one who is indifferent. Continue Reading

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