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The Big Mama Experience

Now, Silverbird Cinemas opens an additional brand! This brand is unique and specifically attached to the cinemas to give our cinema goers an additional advantage to having a variety of food, drinks and quality service. We are focused on creating more valuable experiences for our traditional customers who always choose Silverbird.

In the quest to make our existing and loyal customers have a more wholesome experience BIG MAMA offers you the cheapest food, drinks and services at high quality. The brand ‘BIG MAMA’ was solely opened to recreate a homely feel for movie goers and although it is only available at the Silverbird Galleria, we intend to spread it over to our Ikeja and Abuja locations.

We are offering consumables at unbeatable cost. Our prices are relatively cheap and convenient for every costumer; irrespective of class and status. Our motive is not to make profit but to ensure that our customers get a total and complete experience worth every penny spent. These offers will include combo packages that suites every pocket for different personal or business event/celebration.

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Big Mama intends to provide for the whole family. So, when next the family wants to have a day out, a reunion, a celebration or a bonding experience; the Silverbird Cinemas is the place to be. Have your kiddie’s party, group book club, family dinner, gender revelation party, bridal shower, baby shower and all other fun activities at your budget rate. We will create a wonderful experience and leave you feeling satisfied for a time well-spent.

Big Mama Restaurant
We offer a wide range of dishes; Local Dishes, Chinese Dishes, Indian Dishes, Lebanese Dishes, Turkish Dishes, Intercontinental dishes, Barbeque grills and varieties of Pizzas.

These varieties of dishes can be served to you anywhere you are at the Silverbird Cinemas, and adults will be allowed a few choice meals like snacks into the cinema halls.
The Big Mama concession rack is filled with candies, cakes, chips, chocolates and biscuits; making sure that there is no want left unsatisfied.

Big Mama Bar
The Big Mama Bar has a good array of drinks that would cater to every customer’s taste from fresh fruit juices, hard soda, hot drinks, beer, wines, soft drinks, cocktails, smoothies and Ice-creams. Our bar is open till 12pm. A few of our offers include; happy hour, band plays, orchestra, disco tech and even karaoke on some evenings. Our offers are really unlimited, depending on what you want to celebrate; late night dinners, friendly dates, birthdays, proposals, couple’s date and hangouts. Big Mama will take care of serving the food, drinks and giving the right ambiance for all your function, all you need to have is a budget.

Amazing customer service is our ultimate goal and
pampering our customers is not beyond us. Now, wouldn’t you like to experience that?

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From: General Manager, Silverbird
Cinemas, West Africa.
Franson Davis Lancy (Frankie)