Antoine Faqua’s action thriller “Equalizer 2” is a movie you can’t wait to see. This is where the 2014 antecedent movie of the same name continues and this promises to be such a bad filmic adventure as you will find yourself holding your chest as the equalizing events unfold. Denzel Washington returns as #TheEqualizer, now […]

4DX Expanding into West Africa Announced today as the convention wraps up is a new partnership with Silverbird Cinemas, which will bring the first 4DX site to Nigeria, at the company’s Ikeja location – the highest-grossing cinema in West Africa. The second 4DX site will be opened in Abuja, the capical city of Nigeria. The leader in […]

Skyscraper “Skyscraper” opens with a hostage situation in which former FBI operative, Will Sawyer losses his leg and several teammates but gained a combat-surgeon wife (Neve Campbell) who happens to be on duty when they brought him in. A decade later, Sawyer is a security consultant and is hired by Hong Kong developer Zhao Long […]

Tyler Perry must have deeply sensed the growing number of women going through stuffs. He must have had a close-range experience of how African-American Women are specially labelled for fighting back in relationships. If not, he wouldn’t sum up the wars that happen in relationships with the word “Acrimony.” This word strangely brings to mind […]