The Fall Guy is a 2024 American action comedy film directed by David Leitch and written by Drew Pearce, loosely based on the 1980s TV series about stunt performers. It follows a stuntman (Ryan Gosling) working on his ex-girlfriend’s (Emily Blunt) directorial debut action film, only to find himself involved in a conspiracy surrounding the film’s lead actor (Aaron Taylor-Johnson). The film also features Hannah Waddingham, Teresa Palmer, Stephanie Hsu, and Winston Duke.

Colt Seavers, a Hollywood stunt performer, works as the stunt double for famous action star Tom Ryder. However, he gets severely injured during a stunt gone wrong and he abandons his career and his girlfriend Jody Moreno, a camerawoman.
18 months later, Colt, now a valet for a small Mexican restaurant, is contacted by Gail Meyer, Tom’s film producer. She tells him that Jody is directing her first film, a science fiction epic called Metalstorm, and wants Colt to join the production in Sydney, Australia.

After arriving on set, Colt learns that Jody never asked for him and is still angry about their breakup. Gail reveals that Tom has disappeared after getting involved with drugs, and she wants Colt to find him before his absence causes the film’s cancellation.
The Fall Guy premiered at SXSW on March 12, 2024, and was released in the United States on May 3. It received generally positive reviews, and set a Guinness World Record for the most cannon rolls performed in a car.

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